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Bitflow RUN-PCI-11-M Road Runner PCI LVDS 1-channel, 8-bit

Bitflow RUN-PCI-11-M

Bitflow RUN-PCI-11-M Road Runner PCI LVDS 1-channel, 8-bit distributed by IVS Imaging Call us at @ 888-446-1301

Bitflow RUN-PCI-11-M

BitFlow designed the Road Runner from the ground up to support demanding digital imaging applications. Since it's initial development, the Road Runner has been designed into 100s of successful applications and continues to solve the most demanding interface and application requirements.


  • 32-bit/33MHz bus master PCI bus interface board
  • Flow-Thru architecture featuring a Scatter/Gather DMA engine that supports the direct transfer of data to VGA or system memory in real-time with no latency or CPU usage
  • Acquires image sizes up to 512K by 32K pixels (vertical size is unlimited for line scan cameras)
  • LVDS/RS422 (32-bit) area or line scan camera interface supporting a single camera with up to 4 8-bit channels, two synchronized cameras or two multiplexed asynchronous cameras (model dependent)
  • Multiple trigger modes
  • 9 user-programmable I/O signals (4 inputs and 5 outputs)
  • Up to 40MHz acquisition for LVDS and 30MHz for RS-422 (contact us for higher clock rates)
  • On-the-fly reformatting for multi-tap cameras
  • Standard 8-bit in/12-bit out LUT
  • Optional 16-bit in/16-bit out LUT available
  • Cables and configuration files for more than 200 industrial cameras
  • Drivers and DLLs for Windows NT, 2000 and XP
  • Supported by all versions of the BitFlow SDK

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