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Basler Pilot piA1000-48gm

Basler piA1000-48gm Machine Vision Area Scan GigE 1004 x 1004, 48 fps, mono2/3" CCD / Kodak KAI-1020 C-Mount-Pilot piA1000-48gm distributed by IVS Imaging Call us @888-446-1301

Basler Pilot piA1000-48gm

The Basler pilot camera family is based on four selected Kodak CCD sensors and one Sony CCD sensor for exceptional image quality. Equipped with a GigE Vision compliant interface, these cameras take maximum advantage of Kodak and Sony sensor technology and can often substitute for more cost-intensive Camera Link cameras and frame grabbers. Because Basler pilot cameras use the same sensors currently used in existing Camera Link cameras, no optics changes are required.

For more flexibility, this series offers additional software features that can be integrated into the image processing software on a remote computer.

Basler pilot cameras are a perfect fit for a variety of vision applications including semiconductor and component inspection, food inspection, manufacturing quality control, intelligent traffic systems, microscopy and medical imaging, biometrics, and many others.

Resolutions from VGA to 5 megapixels.
100 meter cable length provided by Gigabit Ethernet to give you the highest flexibility.
Cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet interface does not need a frame grabber.
Up to 12 bit depths and no bandwidth limitation on 8 bit data flow inside the camera.
Field-proven Basler pylon driver package with both filter and performance drivers.
Compliant with the newest vision industry standards including GenICam, GigE Vision, and EMVA 1288.
100% quality checked and calibrated to give you consistent performance and reliability.

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