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Basler Runner ruL1024-19gm

Basler ruL1024-19gm Machine Vision Line Scan GigE 1024 pixels, 18.7 kHz, mono, 1k CCD / Thompson TH7813A F-Mount-Runner ruL1024-19gm distributed by IVS Imaging Need AssistanceCall us @888-446-1301

Basler Runner ruL1024-19gm

The Basler runner family is a line scan series that combines high quality line scan technology with Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) interface technology. Proven image quality and an easy-to-use GigE interface make the runner family a perfect solution for a wide variety of applications. With the GigE interface, it’s simple and straightforward for the user to adapt a camera to their system, to acquire their first images, and to adjust the camera’s parameter settings to obtain the best results for their particular application. And because a Camera Link frame grabber and cables are not needed with runner cameras, a GigE line scan bundle is a highly cost-effective solution.

More than 100 megabytes of data per second and up to 100 meter cable length with GigE.
Reliable, high-bandwidth data transfer at the lowest CPU load with the pylon driver package.
Superior image quality improves your image processing results.
Optimum image quality without the need for an expensive matched lens, providing you with an affordable solution for color imaging.
Use of a tri-linear sensor results in a very compact camera, reducing the space needed in your installatio.
Simple integration environment provided by runner’s flexible I/O capabilities (general purpose I/O), for example to transfer the trigger signal to another runner camera operating in parallel.
LED indicators and test image generation capabilities reduce your integration time and aid troubleshooting.
Broad variety of software features, such as the Multiplier and Divider to modify the incoming trigger signals and ensure that the camera is operating at the correct line speed.
An integrated spatial correction feature combines pixel data from the lines in the sensor eliminating the need for computer resources to perform this task.
Very attractive price/performance ratio.

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