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Ricoh EV-G030B1 Extended Depth of Field Camera

Ricoh EV-G030B1

RICOH Extended Depth of Field Camera (EDoF)

Ricoh EV-G030B1

RICOH Extended Depth of Field Camera (EDoF)

Thanks to the synergy of Ricoh's optical design and image-processing technology, our new industrial cameras have roughly three times the depth of field of previous models. Each RICOH Extended Depth of Field Camera comprises of a specialized lens and camera with a built-in image processor. We married the unique optical technology of Ricoh lenses to Ricoh image-processing technology, applying a special optical system and new algorithm to triple the depth of field. Ricoh is an expert in optical design technology and in the image-processing technology used in cameras, which is why we are able to create these new Extended Depth of Field Cameras.


  • 1/3” VGA Monochrome CCD
  • Frame Rate: 90 fps
  • Dimensions: 50(W)x50(H)x53.4(D)mm
  • Objects can be captured in sharp focus, regardless of distance from the camera. This eliminates the need to adjust the focus or the camera position.
  • Each product in the new series comprises a special lens and a special GigE VisionTM camera.
  • The product line up covers a range of focal lengths.
  • VGA (90 fps) and 2M (15 fps) versions are available.
  • Thanks to an integral FPGA processor, image processing is tailored to the image capturing task in hand.
  • Area of Interest (AOI*) Scan Mode enables efficient scanning whilst enhancing inspection quality and speed.

* “Area of interest” is a user-defined portion of the full scanning range. When the scan is limited to the area of interest, fewer images are created, so the data can be read and transferred more rapidly.

Lens Options:


Model Specifications
EL-CC0817B-VG 8.5mm F1.7(fixed iris) VGA

Dimensions: Φ42x40mm
EL-CC0833B-VG 8.5mm F3.3(fixed iris) VGA

Dimensions: Φ42x40mm
EL-CC0866B-VG 8.5mm F6.6(fixed iris) VGA

Dimensions: Φ42x40mm
EL-HC1228-2M 12mm F2.8(fixed iris) VGA or UXGA(2 megapixel)

Dimensions: Φ29.5x28.5mm
EL-HC1255-2M 12mm F5.5(fixed iris) VGA or UXGA(2 megapixel)

Dimensions: Φ29.5x28.5mm
EL-CC3521-2M 35mm F2.1(fixed iris) VGA or UXGA(2 megapixel)

Dimensions: Φ29.5x35.4mm
EL-CC3543-2M 35mm F4.3(fixed iris) VGA or UXGA(2 megapixel)

Dimensions: Φ29.5x35.4mm
EL-CC3586-2M 35mm F8.6(fixed iris) VGA or UXGA(2 megapixel)

Dimensions: Φ29.5x35.4mm

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