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IVS Imaging Introduces New Machine Vision Cameras
New IVS Imaging Cameras: HDMI, USB & Analog
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NEW IVS Imaging Cameras
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    IV-HDUSB500: 1080p HDMI & 5MP USB camera.

The IV-HDUSB500 is a 1080p/720p HD Scientific grade camera that has ultra-superior color reproduction while keeping a high frame rate. The IV-HDUSB500 functions can be individually utilized for a more efficient & effective operating environment. HDMI output, USB output & up to 32GB SD card!

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IV-USB500A: 5MP USB Microscope Camera
The IV-USB500A 5megapixel USB scientific microscope is IVS Imaging's newest camera to fill a void in the market! The IV-USB500A features superior color rendition & fidelity while staying cost effective. The camera features USB2.0 image processing which transfers data quickly & efficiently. This camera was maximized for the microscopy, photonics, semiconductor & industrial imaging industries.

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IVS Imaging introduces the new upgraded & easier to use Costar Color Cameras for the machine vision market. The SIC600N & SIC700N will replace the legacy Costar 1/2" & 1/3" cameras (SIC400N & SIC500N). 

With the new Sony Effio Chipset, upgraded materials & an OSD that we designed from customer feedback, the SIC600N & SIC700N are sure to impress for years to come. 

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Museum Protected by HD Surveillance

The Museum of Funeral History (Houston, TX, USA) has deployed an integrated system comprised of an array of IQinVision (San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA) HD megapixel cameras and Acuity-vct (Cleveland, OH, USA) video analytics software to protect its priceless artifacts.

At present, the museum has a mix of 52 IQinVision cameras and some earlier legacy cameras. Additional IQeye cameras are on order as the museum continues to expand the areas under surveillance.

Most of the museum's exhibits are protected by Acuity-vct's motion detection software. When a protection zone drawn around an item or exhibit is broken, an alarm immediately sounds.

Most cameras are deployed inside the museum, but a small number provide surveillance around the building and for the parking lot, a move that has proved important in thwarting copper theft and helping the police investigate car break-ins.

For more information regarding similar cameras please contact IVS Imaging @ 888-446-1301 or  (Courtesy of Vision Systems Design website).


Vision System Examine cracks in pavement

A technical paper written by Richard Wix and Roland Leschinski from the ARRB Group (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) assesses the pros and cons of four different systems currently used to measure cracking in pavements.

The roughness and texture of the surface of pavements have been successfully measured from moving vehicles for some years, but there has been limited success in measuring cracking accurately.

Existing systems assess the amount of cracking in a pavement by capturing images of their surface -- images that are analyzed using automated crack identification algorithms or by manual visual assessment.

In the ARRB Group study entitled "Cracking – A Tale of Four Systems," Wix and Leschinski compare the effectiveness of four systems, two of which rely on natural light and manual image analysis and two that feature artificial illumination and automatic crack detection and measurement.

The study, which was presented at the 25th ARRB Conference in Perth, Australia last year, can be found here

 For more information on similar components to re-create this application please contact IVS Imaging @ 888-446-1301 or


(Courtesy of Vision Systems Design website)

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