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Thermal imaging helps researchers analyze body heat of penguins

 Using thermal imaging technology, Glasgow University (Glasgow, UK) scientists have shown that penguins benefit from an unusual phenomenon to stay warm during Antarctic winters.

Despite living in one of the coldest places on Earth where temperatures can reach -40C, Emperor penguins retain their body heat not only because of their plumage and layers of fat but also because the surface of their feathers are colder than the surrounding air.

After studying penguins in Adélie Land, scientists from Glasgow's Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine and the Université de Strasbourg, determined that the surface temperature of the birds was four degrees cooler than the surrounding air. The only parts of the penguins warmer than the air were the eyes, beaks and feet. Only the eyes were warmer than freezing.

Penguins maintain a core temperature of around 36.9C when incubating their young and, like any animal, will lose heat to the surrounding air as a result of thermal radiation, when heat from their warm bodies transfers to the colder air.

However, because the plumage is colder than the surrounding air, computer simulations showed this 'cold coat' may gain them back a little heat from the warmer air circulating around them. Though this regained heat is unlikely to reach their skin, it could help reduce some of the heat loss from the body by thermal radiation.

The findings were reported in the latest edition of the journal Biology Letters. More information is available here.

Dual HDMI & SDI Camera...

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IVS Imaging introduces the new IVHD220BH
Dual Output High Definition
camera. The IV-HD220BH outputs both
HD-SDI & HDMI simultaneously, which
gives you the flexibility to run multiple
video feeds to different locations or run
the HD video you prefer. The IV-HD220BH
has WDR technology that allows for clear
DAY/NIGHT video for those varied


It can be widely used in places that need
wide-range HD surveillance such as:
Video Conference, stadiums, airports,
harbors, plazas, parks, scenic zones,
roads, railways, coal mines, water
conservancy projects, power
engineering, petrochemical, prisons &

dPict Imaging's New Aexeon HDS


1/21/2013, Indianpolis, IN - dPict Imaging today annouced a new product in the Aexeon product family, the Aexeon HDS. Aexeon HDS is a PCI Express frame grabber that captures standard definition component, s-video, and composite camera inputs as well HDTV video from SDI (serial digital) camera inputs.

"With the addition of SDI support, the Aexeon HDS is a perfect product for medical imaging customers who need to both support legacy standard definition capture as well as support HDTV capture in the same system.", says Brian Pinto, Director of Sales. "It is really is a perfect compliment product for what our customers are trying to do."

Features of the Aexeon HDS include ...

  • SDI and analog SD camera support
  • Up to 1080p SDI input support
  • 3G-SDI acquisition rates up to 2.97 Gb/sec
  • Auto acquisition of SDI inputs
  • RGB, YPbPr, S-Video, and composite video input support
  • 8 General purpose I/O triggers

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