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USB3.0: Revisiting USB Vision

For industrial applications, cameras using USB vision hadn’t seemed to have gained much traction – until the release and proliferation of the USB 3.0 Vision standard.   Although camera manufacturers have been offering USB interfacing before, over the past few months it seems that many new USB 3.0 Vision camera offerings have sprung up  from a variety of vendors.   With that availability of components, and adherence to the USB 3 Vision standard, this interface appears to be reasonably viable for industrial machine vision.  Multiple cameras can be implemented, with very good bandwidth, easy component integration, up to 5 meter native cable lengths.  Further, many vendors offering this interface are implementing cameras with the somewhat less-expensive, but high-speed CMOS sensors (though many are available with CCD sensors).  In the software arena, NI notably recently announced support for USB 3.0 Vision in their latest acquisition driver release.   I think the USB 3.0 Vision standard starts to look appealing, at least for some, if not many applications.  I have not yet used these products on a project, but will be looking for an appropriate situation to try out this technology. 


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USB3.0 Interface for Machine Vision


The development of the USB 3.0 interface was originally driven by the consumer need for a PC based interface with higher bandwidths. The USB 3.0 interface came to market in 2009 with support for up to 440 MB/s of bandwidth; 10 times faster than USB 2.0 and 5 times faster than FireWire-B.

Adoption of the interface increased by mid-2012. Support from major vendors such as Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Apple and the Linux community are under development. At the current rate of deployment, every new PC manufactured in 2015 will support USB 3.0. With adoption of this magnitude, vendors can build applications and deploy them on almost any PC without the need of additional hardware. Pricing for peripherals that are required, such as cables and hubs, will benefit from a highly competitive consumer oriented marketplace.

In terms of machine vision, USB 3.0 offers a number of attractive features in addition to the high bandwidth. USB 3.0 supports Direct Memory Access which allows the data to be written directly to memory reducing CPU processing load. USB 3.0 is capable of delivering up to 4.5 Watts of power over a single USB 3.0 cable. Multiple camera systems can be deployed using USB 3.0 hubs.

In 2011, the AIA decided to implement the USB3 Vision standard. Similarly to GigE Vision, USB3 Vision follows the same robust framework using the GenICam programming interface and XML description files. With this commonality between the two standards, system integrators will be able to easily learn one after working with the other. With its high bandwidth, ease of use, and low cost, USB 3.0 is ideal for a wide variety of applications both within machine vision and in the consumer world.

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Basler USB3.0 Cameras


Basler USB3.0 Cameras
Basler usb3 cameras 2
BASLER USB3.0 Cameras Are Here!!!

IVS Imaging is proud to be a Master Distributor for Basler USB3.0 Machine Vision cameras!!! USB3.0 is a superfast interface & high bandwidth that's 10X faster than USB2.0 & 5 times faster than firewire. AIA has standardized USB3.0 machine vision products which allows manufacturers & integrators the flexibility they deserve. See below for an overview of Basler's USB3.0 product line...
  • usb3 cbl2 VGA to 5 MP
  • Up to 120 fps
  • Broad sensor portfolio: CMOS and CCD  versions
  • 29 mm x 29 mm footprint and same bottom mounting options for easy Gig-E, Cameralink or analog camera replacement
  • One cable solution: USB 3.0
  • I/O flexibility with minimum delay and jitter time for applications requiring exact timing
  • Long list of special firmware features
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio

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