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Basler Launches 14 Megapixel and 10 Megapixel USB3.0 and GigE cameras



At the beginning of the year Basler launched two ace USB 3.0 cameras, the acA3800-14um/uc (10 MP, 14 fps) and the acA4600-10uc (14 MP, 10fps). In light of the sizable market acceptance and demand for the used sensors, a version with GigE interface will be released over the course of Q3/2014. The cameras are suitable for a very wide range from microscopy over code reading to electronics and semiconductor inspections. Each of these new high-resolution ace models promises tremendous performance in Basler's tried-and-true quality — and always at an attractive price. IVS Imaging is currently distributing the product & we are also capable of answering any of your questions.

Overview of the camera models:

  • Full bandwidth utilization in USB 3.0: 14 fps at 10 MP and 10 fps at 14 MP resolution.
  • Very good speeds via Gigabit Ethernet with full harnessing of the data speeds: 10 fps at 10 MP and 7 fps at 14 MP resolution.
  • Latest generation of Aptina CMOS sensors with very small and sensitive pixels at high resolutions and smaller sensor sizes (Aptina A-pix technology.)
  • More details or improved Field of View (FOV) thanks to the high resolution.
  • Conforms 100% to the USB3 Vision and GigE Vision standards to ensure secure data transfer and easy integration.
  • Free pylon Camera Software Suite for quick and easy setup of your Basler camera.

Six monochrome and color models are ready for testing:


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