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Bitflow Showcase CoaXPress @ SPIE DSS Show

Video frame grabbers are key components in the high-technology vision systems deployed by the military to detect bombs, guide weapons, drive unmanned vehicles, capture images from aircraft, and other applications that keep citizens safe. 

To educate engineers how to make their vision systems more accurate, responsive and productive. 

BitFlow, Inc. will be displaying its field-proven line of video frame grabbers at the upcoming SPIE Defense, Security + Sensing Conference, the industry's leading meeting for scientists, researchers and engineers from industry, military, government agencies, and academia throughout the world. BitFlow will be in booth 813 at SPIE, scheduled for April 29-May 3 in Baltimore, MD.

"Our commitment to the defense sector has led us to engineer frame grabbers capable of extremely fast, zero latency transfer of uncompressed HD video for critical surveillance and guidance,' explained Donal Waide, Director of Sales for BitFlow. "Also, our Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to take full advantage of the host computer's capabilities for greater flexibility."

For the first time at SPIE BitFlow will display its Cyton and Karbon CXP frame grabbers, both based upon the CoaXPress interface. CoaXPress is a simple, yet powerful interface that offers video acquisition speeds up to 6 Gigabits per second, along with the ability to send control commands and triggers at 20 Megabits per second, all over a single piece of 75 Ohm coaxial cable in lengths up to 135 meters. Additionally, a maximum 13W of power can be transmitted to a camera along the same cable.

Karbon-CXP frame grabbers are CoaXPress 1.0 compliant, and support anywhere from one to four CXP cameras and up to four CXP multi-links. Cyton frame grabbers incorporates the Gen 2.0 x8 PCI Express bus interface on its back-end, an advancement that doubles the data rate of the Gen 1.0 bus for the ultimate high-speed access to host memory in multi-camera systems, while using the same compact footprint and connectors.

Also on display at SPIE will be BitFlow's wide range of Camera Link solutions, from its low cost Neon models to its high speed Karbon grabbers. Camera Link remains a viable interface in machine vision, especially for military systems.

About BitFlow
BitFlow has been developing reliable, high-performance Frame Grabbers for use in imaging applications since 1993. BitFlow is the leader in Camera Link frame grabbers, building the fastest frame grabbers in the world, with the highest camera/frame grabber densities, triggering performance, and price. With thousands of boards installed throughout the world, into hundreds of imaging applications, BitFlow is dedicated to using this knowledge and experience to provide customers with the best possible image acquisition and application development solutions. BitFlow, located in Woburn, MA, has distributors and resellers located all over the world including Asia, Japan, and Europe.

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Precision Measurment in Machine Vision I


Understanding Precision Measurement Concepts

Precision measurement using machine vision technology is a valuable application for online production inspection.  A good place to start in addressing how to successfully perform machine vision metrology is to understand precision measurement concepts.  The term metrology often is used interchangeably with measurement and indeed they are closely linked.  Actually, metrology is the “science of measurement”.  When we talk about metrology in an industrial process, it refers to “applied metrology” or “industrial metrology”; the application of the science of metrology for manufacturing.  As we consider metrology in this sense, let’s review some terms and concepts used in measurement and metrology.

The terms precision and accuracy are used in the specification and qualification of a measurement system.   Precision is the ability to repeat a certain measurement, while accuracy is how well a measurement agrees with a true or known value.  It is very important to understand that accuracy does not provide a very useful metric in determining the quality of a metrology device in the context of the plant floor.  In specifying and qualifying production machine vision solutions, then, precision is most important, and in specific, the uncertainty or bias of the measurement.  The terms uncertainty and bias refer to the amount of variation that will be exhibited by a measurement system over repeated measurements (or the degree of precision).   To be clear, the goal of the on-line metrology system will be to produce a specific measurement with a reliable and repeatable level of uncertainty that meets the application requirements.

For example, a machine vision system might report the diameter of a specific part to be 20.4mm, with an uncertainty over many repetitions of +/- 0.05mm (that is, no measurement of the same part deviated from 20.4mm by more than 0.05mm).  Of course, the actual amount of uncertainty that is acceptable for any application is dependent upon the application specification.

Note:  machining specifications are not the equivalent of inspection specifications.  If a part must be manufactured to 24mm +/- 0.01mm in length, what is the acceptable uncertainty for inspecting that length?  If the inspection uncertainty is specified as +/- 0.01, a good machined part could be 24.01mm in length, but that measurement system would fail it a statistically significant number of times since in this example, the 24.01mm measurement could report between 24.00 and 24.02mm.   To be certain of the target measurement criteria, consult with the quality team and determine in advance the allowable inspection uncertainty based upon the needs of the application.

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